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Available size: 250ml
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Soap & sulphate free, pH neutral

Extremely mild with extra moisturizing properties to nourish the scalp and reduce the likelihood of cradle cap. Soap and urea are known to sting on contact, especially the eyes – GAIA Natural Baby is free from these two ingredients so it will gently cleans without leave baby’s scalp dry and itchy and it won’t sting baby’s eyes. Sulphate free – sulphates can cause skin irritation and are a suspected harmful ingredient.

Major Beneficial Ingredients:

Certified Organic Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil gently cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping baby’s natural protective oils and Certified Organic Chamomile Extract helps to brighten and bring out natural highlights leaving baby’s hair soft and shiny.

Additional Tips:

  • You only need a very small amount – it’s excellent value for money!

  • As GAIA doesn’t contain any soap or urea, ingredients that are known to sting the eyes, it can be classified as a tear free shampoo that is gentle on baby’s eyes and won’t sting

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