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Soap & sulphate free, pH neutral

A nourishing gel that gently cleanses without dryness and irritation. Enriched with skin softening organic oils to keep skin nicely moisturized. Soap free – cleanses without leaving baby’s skin dry or itchy and is gentle on skin and eyes. Sulphate free- sulphates can cause skin irritation. PH neutral – won’t strip baby’s natural protective oils or upset the natural acid mantle of baby’s skin which is not fully developed when born.

Major Beneficial Ingredients:

Enriched with nourishing vegetable glycerine, Certified Organic Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil, Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil, Certified Organic Avocado Oil and Certified Organic Lavender Pure Essential Oil, provide extra moisturisation and prevent baby’s skin becoming dry

Enriched with Certified Chamomile Extract, provides soothing relief for redness and skin irritation.

Suggested Uses:

  • Add to running water in the bath (Ideal for newborns)

  • In the shower as a shower gel (Ideal for toddlers and children)

  • On a sponge / washer / cotton wool and applied directly to baby’s skin (Ideal for top-and-tailing in-between bathing)

Additional Tips:

  • No need to buy two separate bathing products for a newborn and toddler – use in the bath for the newborn and on sponge in the shower for your toddler

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