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Keeps baby's skin soft and supple

A light blend of skin softening organic oils to moisturize, protect against dryness and leave your baby with extra soft, smooth skin. Organic shea butter is known to improve dry, flaky skin and increase the suppleness and elasticity. Ideal nappy change lotion for when you need a little help during mess nappy changes.

Major Beneficial Ingredients:

Certified Organic Shea Butter moisturizes and softens rough, dry or flaky skin. It helps maintains skin tone and keeps baby’s skin soft and supple. It is non-irritating, whilst being very nourishing.

Enriched with Certified Organic Wheat Germ Oil, the highest natural source of vitamin E, which assists with damaged or scared skin and increases skin suppleness and elasticity.

Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil contains an omega-6 essential fatty acid and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) making it very nourishing and softening for skin and studies have shown helps to soothe irritations, itchiness and eczema.

Certified Organic Avocado Oil contains high concentrations of vitamins A, D and E and essential fatty acids to maintain normal dermal functions.

Suggested Uses:

  • General moisturisation – ideal for dry, flaky skin
  • Use as a nappy change lotion with messy nappy changes making it easier to remove soiling and leaving baby’s nappy area soft, fresh and clean
  • Doubles as the perfect belly rub for tight itchy bellies during pregnancy

Additional Tips:

  • It’s light and easy to apply
  • Massage in after a bath to help calm baby before bedtime – towel dry baby’s skin, leaving them slightly damp and then massage the baby moisturiser in – this will create a “moisture lock” and keep baby’s skin extra soft
  • Mix with 1 drop of GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil to provide additional nourishment for extra dry and flaky skin – especially good for babies with eczema that are simply dry between flare ups as they usually require additional moisturizing because their skin absorbs light moisturisers very quickly
  • No mineral oil, which is like putting plastic wrap on your skin – it does not breath and can clog your pores creating irritation

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