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  Q : Can I use the Bath & Body Wash on baby’s hair instead of the Shampoo?
  A : Yes, you can use the Bath & Body Wash as a shampoo or vice-versa. However it is important to remember that the oils produced on your scalp are different to those produced by your body. The Baby Shampoo is tailored to the needs of your scalp and the Bath & Body Wash to your baby’s body. Some babies need a separate shampoo from birth, some don’t – it all depends on the needs of the baby.
  Q : Shouldn't use products with essential oils during pregnancy?
  A : Not entirely, there are a small number of pure essential oils that are considered toxic and should be avoided pregnancy, these include basil, clary sage, fennel, sweet marjoram, myrrh, pennyroyal, rosemary, sage, thyme. The pure essential oils and concentrations used in GAIA Natural Baby products are safe for use during pregnancy without any concern.
  Q : Why is there no organic certification logo on GAIA products?
  A :
Two reasons –
i)   Though most of the ingredients we used are certified organic, at least, demineralised water is inorganic. Thus, we do not claim GAIA is a fully certified organic product.
ii)   It would add to the cost of the product making it more expensive for you and we would prefer to keep our range of products affordable.
  Q : What makes the packaging of the GAIA Natural Baby so unique?
  A : The colour coded labels of GAIA Natural Baby make products quick and easy to identify. When you’re changing baby and they are wriggling all over the place and don’t want to lay still, you want to be able to quickly glance over to your products and grab the “pink” bottle, which you know is the Baby Moisturiser. When you have your second baby, your toddler can sometimes feels a little left out. By using GAIA Natural Baby you can involve your toddler in daily baby care activities. Bathing is a good time to do this and by asking the toddler to “pass Mummy the Body Wash, it’s the orange bottle” they feel like they are still important to mummy and their new sibling, are being helpful and learning their colours.
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