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Hi Michelle and Simon. For 45 years I have had bad eczema ALL OVER. I have been hospitalised on several occassions. One tme was even life-threatening. I have spent thousands of hours searching for and thousands of dollars on products claiming to be suitable for eczema. They all lie! Sometimes they feel good for a while but then I develop an intolerance to the product. Once I even resorted to a product from the vet! I have been using organic products for some time and they are better but... Then, two weeks ago, I found your moisturiser and it was love at first use. I can say that no other product EVER has made my skin feel so soft and less 'fragile' from the very first use. My hands were a mess and they are beginning to heal for the first time without steroid creams. I always try to buy Australian and to have found this amazing organic product owned, developed and made in Australia at affordable prices is fantastic. You truly deserve any and all awards. I am about to order the other products. Many, many thanks, Cathy. PS I love the fragrances too!

Cathy - Sydney
I just had a baby 3 months ago. The midwife recommended that I use Gaia. I at first thought they were simply promoting the products out of duty. When I did try them out in the hospital, I simply loved the feel and texture of the products. I loved that they are all natural and organic. My baby loves it too. I will never switch to another brand as long as I live!!

Premila Naidu – postal code 3175
Gaia has been a life saver for my baby. I had no idea why my baby was havin rashes. I was using a well known product, which was recommended as the safest by the midwife in the hospital. Then my baby had these rashes, and doctors were like she will outgrow them. One of my other friends told me that it may be the product, I did lots of research and I can't even begin to count the number of baby products I tried and tried and tried, at least 15 brands, Gaia was the only one who sent me a free sample to try. That's the only one that worked, no more rashes for my baby and even if they come the soothing lotion is like a miracle lotion which makes redness disappear in say 2 minutes. Thanks a lot team Gaia, you rock.

Celin Chand – postal code 2782
Gaia is helping my family with their dermatitis issues. Being such gentle natural products, my toddler and I don't sting and itch every time we bathe, and washing our hands is no longer the nightmare it once was! Thank you!

Richelle Egan - Plympton, SA
We call the skin lotion magic cream at our house. Whenever my son gets dry skin, a rash or nappy rash we apply some skin soothing lotion and it immediately calms his skin. he even asks us to get out the magic cream because he knows it will make him feel better.

Sandra - Mornington Vic
I've had eczema on my hands all my life and never found a product that will help to keep it under control. I started using GAIA Skin Soothing Lotion on my baby daughter and found it was helping my hands. Now I use it every day on myself and don't have to worry about my eczema any more

L. Girotto - Berwick

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